300 Drones Take to the Skies for Epic BMW i7 launch Drone Light Show

20 Dec 2022
300 Drones Take to the Skies for Epic BMW i7 launch Drone Light Show
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BMW Malaysia held its first drone light show to celebrate the launch of the new BMW i7 electric vehicle. The event, which was promoted with the hashtag #Bornelectric, featured a stunning display of drones flying in formation to create beautiful patterns and images in the sky. The event was collaborated with Accenture Song and conducted by Drone Sifu, a company specializing in drone light shows. 



The drone light show performance included a fleet of 300 drones, which were used to create mesmerizing patterns and images in the night sky during the 10-minute show. The drone's light and color display mesmerized spectators during the show. The drone light show was meant to highlight the innovative and sustainable nature of the new BMW i7, which is part of the company's line of electric vehicles. The event was a major success and helped to generate excitement and buzz around the launch of the new i7. The iconic BMW and BMW i7 car logos created a truly breathtaking sight when they glowed brightly in the darkness, leaving a lasting impression on all the fortunate onlookers.

To pull off such a complex and impressive drone show, DroneSifu Productions enlisted the help of a team of 30, who worked tirelessly to ensure that everything went off without a hitch. The crew member carefully executed the drones' intricate programming and the choreography's careful planning to perfection. 


The drone light show was a resounding success due to the effort put in by the crew, impressing spectators and earning widespread praise from spectators. Thanks to the creativity and expertise of Drone Sifu, the memorable evening was a resounding success that will be remembered. 



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